I realized that life is way too short to bring all the creative ideas into being that every single artist holds. So the best thing we can do is trying to realize/ implement/ create as much as possible, and make the most of any opportunity. This can be very hard at times, but it’s the fruitless, stressful and critical moments that make you grow and learn. Because the one thing that keeps one from giving up after bitter failures is inspiration – as it is the good food in the metabolism of creativity. Whether it’s music from a completely different time or place, a long walk with no people around to meet, a wait in a weird room or the stories that this one friend keeps telling – these are non-musical situations that are yet subconsciously feeding the creative brain. And then, when picking up your guitar, pencil or keyboard after some time, you can experience this „first time“-feeling again, excitement and self-surprise. If you take this with you to a great age, I’d say you’re not only one lucky artist, but a happy human being.