Let’s see… what’s new?

updated 19 march 2019, Berlin.

Musician, music producer, writer, free creative.

I also offer mixing and music production workshops and courses, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in this!

so what’s going on?

• working as a music scout for the licensing platform GNARLES

• lot of co-production with Kamala Dubrovnik – our first EP will come out this year

• I will be co-creating a jingle for VulvaPop

• collaboration with brilliant artists of all kind: Funky Monkeys, Aylin S., Giugno, Josew, …

• next gigs:

17 april with Chinaski In Space @ Junction Bar, Berlin

01 june with Lemon Lights @ Hafenfest, Münster

08 june with Chinaski In Space @ Peppi Guggenheim, Berlin

18 aug with Chinaski In Space @ Sisyphos, Berlin