Music Productions

Here you can listen through all the stuff I’m making, either in solo mode or as a collaboration or assignment/job.

Here are audio pieces only, but there is more at mixed media.


2019: I had this song rotating through my brain, heart and hands for a while now:

2019: DubDeKate feat. Max Emil „Someone like you“. One of the first songs of the new year, created in ping-pong-production between Cologne and Berlin on a cloudy afternoon:


2019: My first track this year is a sexy funky house fable:


2018: Lemon Lights – KaleidosKosmos (Album)

recorded by Manuel Knigge, mixed by Max Hurlebaus


2018: „Backyard“ – funky lo-fi house

2018: „Weit & Breit“ – reggae/dub solo production

2017: Stock music productions, visit:

2016: Lemon Lights‚ first album „Minor Mosaique“

My roles in this production: Bass player, recording engineer, mixing engineer. I also worked on the album cover:

Mastered by Erwin Maas @ emastering.


2015: Corollaria – Elements EP

Co-production: Lyrics & songwriting by Alina Lorfeo.

My roles: Music production (including playing bass & guitar), mixing, mastering.


2016: A sweet Bossa Nova EP I recorded and mixed:


2016: Suddenly, a totally different sound set appears (solo mode):


2015: A psychedelic audio drama / lyric & sound design crossover project (2 episodes, German):