Welcome, listener!

This is the homepage of Max Hurlebaus – bassist, recording and mixing engineer and conceptualist.

I love those magic moments you have in a good jam, love to create and enjoy music in ways of playing it myself and being highly focussed on sound while recording and mixing. With Reggae being my first big favorite genre, I tend to like groovy and rhythmic styles (Funk, TripHop, Electronic, Techno, …) but I’m also a huge fan of Soul, Balkan and Latin, Jazz and many many more. There are actually no genre-bound limits of what I love in music. Furthermore, I am not narrowly focussed on music only, but also passionate about visual arts: graphic design, typography, movies, multimedia, GIFs, animations, drawings, paintings, photography, writing…!

It all comes down to a global understanding of contexts and composition in art, that characterizes how I get to work with it.

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