Welcome, listener!

This is the homepage of Max Hurlebaus – a place full of sounds, songs, multimedia and art.

I am a bassist, recording and mixing engineer and conceptualist in music. I love those magic moments you have in a good jam, love to create and enjoy music in ways of playing it myself and being highly focussed on sound while recording and mixing. When working in a collaboration, I experienced to unfold my potential the most. With Reggae being my first big favorite genre, I tend to like groovy and rhythmic styles (Funk, TripHop, Electronic, Techno, …) but I’m also a huge fan of Soul, Balkan and Latin, Jazz and many many more. There are actually no genre-bound limits of what I love in music.

Furthermore, I am not narrowly focussed on music only, but also passionate about visual arts: graphic design, typography, movies, multimedia, GIFs, animations, drawings, paintings, photography, writing…!

It all comes down to a global understanding of contexts and composition in art, that characterizes how I get to work with it.